About StangDecals.com and our license with Ford Motor Company

All products on this site using trademarks and copyrights belonging
to the Ford Motor Company and associated companies are used under license as Ford Officially Licensed Products

First, we have to thank you for visiting our site! Secondly, we have to say that we're absolutely thrilled to represent Ford Motor Company and their flagship car the Ford Mustang by making world class custom decals and graphics using the Mustang and related brands owned by the Ford Motor Company - that are now available to you!

We've worked very hard with Ford to create and license a line of products with an unmatched selection that you will not find anywhere else, with quality that is perfect.

Q: Why is a Ford "Official License Product" important to you?
A: Having a license through Ford Motor Company isn't simply slapping a badge on a product saying it's licensed, and out the door it goes. Being licensed means that our products have been approved by Ford for sale using their marks, and the products we sell use the EXACT IMAGES that Ford uses when they create prints for their Mustangs - the logos, fonts, proportions ... everything is EXACT. All of our decals that use Mustang related logos, styles, and fonts are using the same high quality files that Ford's people use to create brochures, web sites, and other imagery related to the Mustang. When you buy from someone that is not licensed you risk getting a horribly mangled version of the image that was downloaded somewhere off the web and then cleaned up in Photoshop or (God forbid) MSPaint! We don't clean our images, we simply resize them to fit the needs of the product and that's it!

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, StangDecals.com is DIRECTLY RELATED to the Ford Motor Company. There are only a handful of businesses that can say that and we're one of them. If a business does not show the "Official Licensed Product" badge, or outright claims that they are not related to the Ford Motor Company in any way, then you know the products they are selling are using the Mustang related imagery illegally, are counterfeit products, and the quality will most definitely be sub-par.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please email us at: sales@stangdecals.com

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